Within the hotel industry and the cruise industry, quality control for everything from health standards to guest experience is the #1 differentiation between you and your competitor.

Property Review Program (PRP) can provide a quantitative, unbiased inspection of your property. Many property managers make the mistake of conducting their own self-guided inspections or relying on voluntary reviews by guests to make critical process decisions that impact quality.

Here’s why inspecting your own property doesn’t work to your advantage:

  • Self inspections can be biased and overlook items important to guests and marketability.
  • Self inspections don’t drill down into the finer details that can make the core difference
  • Self inspections are not as comprehensive as PRP’s audit checklist
  • Internal staff may not all be properly trained on industry standard requirements.  PRP Quality Assurance Auditors (QAAs) are trained by industry leaders and are experienced in quality initiatives and property management. They’re also trained on the most recent health standards including the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) guidelines for the cruise industry.
  • Voluntary public reviews are limited in their scope usually only focusing on one or two items. PRP prides itself in a very comprehensive, detailed review of every area impacted by the guest experience.
  • Voluntary public reviews may not be representative of all guest views.  PRP QAAs are trained to analyze all areas of quality control from procedures to implementation.