After completing a Request for Inspection inquiry,  PRP will contact you to discuss a private inspection of your hotel, ship, or property. Once a purchase agreement is placed with PRP, an inspection will be arranged.  You can also select an inspection by a mystery shopper. For the mystery shopper service, we will arrange a time frame for the inspection, but not set a date.

Based upon the facility size and inventory to be inspected, the inspection process can take anywhere from one hour to several days. The  inspection report will be provided electronically within 2 business days after inspection is completed.

The inspection report includes numerical scoring and color ratings in several categories including:

  • Lobby/Registration
  • Guest Accommodations
  • Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Supplies
  • Kitchens/Galleys
  • Property/Cruise Ship Facilities/Exterior

The proprietary rating system for the PRP inspection report will provide you with instant feedback on both positive and negative results. The positive results can be used for marketing initiatives. The negative areas will require corrective action, with specific corrective action recommendations provided within the inspection report.

The reports will be on file at PRP and can be accessed at any time to track and provide historical trends of quality control. Scores can also be posted on the PRP website if desired

Additional services are available upon request.