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Each of the Principals of the Property Review Program (PRP) has practiced quality assessment techniques throughout their careers. The international hospitality best practices for PRP was established via the Hospitality Quality Assessment Program, later formalized as PRP. Founded in 1995, the program was designed and developed by Professor Donal A. Dermody to promote a Quality orientation based upon acceptable standards on a destination-wide basis, thereby improving an area’s marketability. The review, measurement, and reporting processes established a higher level of service and product, translating into significant increases in guest loyalty, revenue, and profits for the hospitality operator. PRP demonstrated a direct correlation to hospitality success and guest trust, by focusing on cleanliness, comfort, service, safety, health, and privacy, integrating Quality Assurance/Quality Control practices with client Operations and Management.

Professor Dermody’s initial Assessment activity involved Quality Guidelines and Inspections for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (GFLCVB). Upon gaining acceptance and momentum, PRP became the sole supplier of assessment services to Florida Superior Small Lodging Association (FSSLA). The expansion of expertise and commitment flourished, where PRP served various Visitor Bureaus and tourism associations, as well as independent operations. All were seeking an opportunity to improve their desirability as a destination of choice, validated by providing a quality product/service.

The Mission Statement of PRP is as follows:
“The Property Review Program, an independent on-site inspection service serving the hotel and cruise industries, ensures guest satisfaction and loyalty by establishing and measuring quality standards in cleanliness, safety, public health, guest services, and property management, while providing corrective action recommendations to enable continuous improvement.”

All Parties Benefit.


Donal A. Dermody specializes in hospitality management and tourism systems operations, with over 50 years experience in organizational development and training, administration and marketing.

His extensive consulting portfolio represents clients in the hospitality industry and Government sectors. This includes strategic work with: Hilton Hotels, Sheraton, Canadian Pacific, Four Seasons, Inter-Continental, and Meridien Hotel Companies, as well as restaurant concerns, such as Howard Johnson, and the Brown Derby.

A recognized Trainer and Conference Leader, Professor Dermody has served numerous Government clients, such as: the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Labor, in addition to numerous Foreign Ministries of Tourism, including Ireland, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Nigeria and ASEAN – The Association of South East Asian Nations. The American Express Company Worldwide, Chemical Bank and the Bank of New York have also been clients. Don’s organizational development and training expertise has been utilized by a number of national and international associations, including AH&MA, NRA, Club Managers Association of America, HS&MA International, Italian Hotel Association, Greek Management Association, OAS, and the Hotel Association of Scandinavia.Integrating business expertise with academia, he taught Undergraduate and Graduate level courses at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration for 23 years, in addition to serving as Director of the Hotel School’s Executive Education Program. He was recruited to Nova Southeastern University to Chair and develop their new Center for Hospitality Management.Prior to his “formal” retirement from Academia in the mid-90’s, Professor Dermody had established several ongoing enterprises. The Cruise Industry Institute serves the cruise line industry by providing educational support for industry professionals, as well as facilitating the highly regarded Vessel Sanitation Training Program for the Center for Disease Control (CDC). He also created the Property Review Program (a Quality Assessment system) and served as the Chairman of Superior Small Lodging Association


Catherine (“Cay”) Dermody is a life-long educator holding a bachelor degree and graduate studies in the field. She taught a range of students from primary grades to conducting communication seminars for international hoteliers.

With her husband, “Don”, she was involved in hotel and restaurant operations, owning restaurants in Dallas and assisting in the management of hotel operations. For many years, she participated in hotel inspection programs, and was associated with the Jamaica Value Guide Program – from the mid-’60s through mid-‘80s. Mrs. Dermody was a contributor to hotel inspections for Air Canada Sun Living Tours, which were conducted in Florida and throughout the Caribbean. Her industry experience also includes several years with the Domenico/Brown Group, a hospitality executive search organization in Irvine, California.  Cay Dermody played a significant role in the Superior Small Lodging Program. For several years, she conducted property reviews in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area while assisting with the implementation of the Program throughout Florida as well as other states.She saw her role in the Program as more of a ‘counselor’ than an ‘inspector’ as she coached hoteliers in understanding the management practice of hospitality. As she says, “I am involved in this Program to help operators improve, and this is done not only through written comments, but also conversation and interactions with owners and operators during as well as after inspections”. Her commitment to the standards of quality that are spelled out in the Superior Small Lodging Guidelines have helped ensure the success of that Program.Cay Dermody was involved in the profit/loss, growth and administration of several “review/enhancement” hospitality projects throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. Her international travels gave her considerable insight into hospitality operations in several multinational companies throughout the Middle East and Europe.


With a strong background in marketing and professional development, Catherine Arthur-Hirschenfang has devoted her career to establishing and evaluating standards of excellence across varied hospitality segments.

She began as an intern at the United States Food and Drug Administration, where she practiced her undergraduate studies in Consumer Resource Management. With a growing interest in customer service, Catherine positioned herself within the hospitality industry as a convention event planner and later on as a training coordinator for the Caribbean Hotel Association. She secured the position of Coordinator, Continuing Education for Nova Southeastern University’s Hospitality Management Center. She was promoted to Director, Continuing Education and served on a number of regional Executive Planning Committees, including the Southeast Regional Strategic Planning Development Committee. She coordinated international hospitality projects and professional training programs with groups from the Soviet Union, Indonesia, Argentina, Greece, and the Caribbean. Additionally, as an “effective training executive”, she provided strategies to better define product/service, revenue management, increase productivity and enhance customer service values within hospitality, public health, and cruise hotel operations. Presently one of the Managing Partners of Global Public Health Services, she provides training, consulting, and project management services to a variety of cruise companies. She is President of the Cruise Industry Institute, through which she administers the United States Public Health, Vessel Sanitation Training Program for the United States Department of Public Health/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).Catherine continues to establish joint ventures with both academia and industry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Howard University and a MBA from Nova Southeastern University; her expertise is consumer resources development and professional development. In her consulting, Catherine has a proficiency in project effectiveness and the alignment of project goals to better support team readiness. She brings a focus to quality and team results. Her foundational skills lie in working with multi-disciplinary work groups that complete projects on time, within budget and with measurable business results.


Ben Hirschenfang retired from the aerospace industry after a 35 year career starting with 5 years at the Eaton Corporation in New York and completing his career at Lockheed Martin Corp. in Orlando Florida. Ben has extensive experience in the implementation of Quality Assurance and Risk Management Systems within industrial sectors. Currently, Ben is providing new programming and systems support to PRP’s new business development and inspection services.

Ben has had extensive training in management, business, and engineering disciplines including Risk Management, Leadership Development and Effectiveness, Contracts, Business Development, and Lean Six-Sigma.
Most recently, Ben was the Deputy Director for Lockheed’s JASSM cruise missile program for the USAF customer, responsible for contract negotiations, production and facilities, technical and financial performance, quality assurance including corrective action, and customer relations. His initiative in establishing Lockheed Martin’s quality based auditing process, “Process Verification Program” for both supplier and Lockheed Martin built items for the JASSM program has been adopted as a Lockheed Martin Best Practice, as well as a USAF practice across other weapon systems. This Process Verification Program is in many ways similar to the Property Review Program (PRP) audit process and checklist. Ben has incorporated applicable elements of his aerospace process into the PRP audit process, including electronic forms, data assimilation, color ratings indicating areas of focus, and corrective action tracking. Through it all, measurable results coupled with continuous improvement and sustainable guest loyalty are what matter most to him.Ben is a graduate of City College of the City University of New York, holding a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering


Paul Faulise began his career in fine hotels in the Washington, D.C. area managing boutique stores within the Mayflower Hotel and Sheraton Park Hotel culminating that part of his hotel experience at The Plaza in New York City.

Working the supply side of the equation, Paul owned and operated a wholesale business in the Metro D.C. area servicing all the fine hotels with necessary gift shop items from soup to nuts. He is well acquainted with the standards for Marriott, Hyatt and Westin (formerly Western International) as a preferred vendor. Mr. Faulise served on various committees within both Marriott and Westin constantly reviewing suitable quality amenity products for their units. Paul Faulise worked as General Manager for several boutique hotels in the Caribbean as well as Florida, managing properties from 23 to 65 units in size. An additional feature of these properties was the component of studios and suites in the unit inventory of each hotel. Paul considers his introduction to Superior Small Lodging in 1999 to be a highlight of his career managing two SSL properties in Fort Myers. During his management of one of these properties, he supervised and facilitated the conversion to a condo hotel, all the while assuring its continued qualification as an SSL property.Paul served on the Board of SSL in Lee County from 2000 to 2006 first as Vice President and then President. Mr. Faulise also attended FSSL functions and State Board Meetings as the Lee County Board liaison, Co-Chair of the SSL Guidelines Committee of 2001, as well as State Chair of SSL for two years and ad-hoc liaison for SSL with Visit Florida.While his hotel career has now reshaped into condominium management, Mr. Faulise continues his relationship with Superior Small Lodging as a Quality Assurance Auditor for PRP. His current strategy is to work towards developing and instituting an SSL type configuration through the Property Review Program for private condominium residences that offer seasonal rentals. This group would demand recognizable standards of excellence, would be reliably inspected and certified, and would carry an identifiable branding to reflect this philosophy; much as the SSL has actuated its for hotels.



Nanci Darst began her career in hospitality as the owner/operator of The Darst Victorian Manor in Mount Dora, Florida, for 10 years. Nanci not only designed and decorated the 9200 square foot Victorian Bed & Breakfast, but also operated the upscale B&B as its on-site manager and chef. This property, under her leadership, earned national recognition through trade journals as well as the AAA 4 diamond award each year. Supervising and participating in the cleaning and laundry services, coupled with her ownership perspective, gave her the necessary experience needed as a Quality Assurance Auditor for lodgings. Prior to owning and operating the Bed and Breakfast, she was the owner/manager of a retail shop in Ft. Lauderdale for 8 years, specializing in interior décor, and establishing a customer relations understanding that has served her well in the hospitality industry. This retail experience in Interior Design combined with the “hands on” experience in running a quality Bed & Breakfast, is why Nanci is considered an expert in the field of lodging inspections. As a former property owner, Nanci understands the value of quality inspections and continuous improvement. She saw, first-hand as an owner, the positive results in occupancy, repeat clients, and revenue.



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Patricia is a married mother of three and has resided in California since 1989. She is a graduate of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management at the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. Prior to that, she attended the Hotel School at Cornell University. Most of her professional career has been dedicated to service in the hotel and restaurant community.

Mrs. Crooks spent many years with Marriott Hotels starting in Front Office operations at the Marriott Key Bridge in Arlington, Virginia. She then moved to Texas and Front Office Operations at the Marriott San Antonio River Walk. From there she moved to Front Office management at the Hotel Lincoln in Houston. Returning to Marriott she was the Front Office Manager at the Houston Astrodome and Galleria Marriott. Her restaurant experience included the Le Bistro in Houston, Texas, The Terrace Room in the Catskills, and the Ithaca Yacht Club in Ithaca, N.Y. as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager. Mrs. Crooks provides a wealth of experience as our West Coast Quality Assurance Auditor for PRP.