The Donal A. Dermody White Glove Award origin

White Glove Award

by Donal A. Dermody on March 5, 2012

Some years ago The Property Review Program established the Donal A. Dermody White Glove Award. This is an annual award that selected properties receive when our inspection indicates outstanding housekeeping.  The plaque awarded for this distinction is displayed prominently in the “lobby” area of the establishment. Of course, I was flattered that this prestigious award carried my name. However, I must admit that I often wondered why my name should be attached to this honor. [click to continue…]

SSL announces 2012 White Glove Award winners at annual Conference

by Catherine Arthur-Hirschenfang on October 11, 2012

During September 8-11, the Superior Small Lodging Association (SSLA) held its Annual Conference in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, announcing the 2012 Donal A. Dermody White Glove Award winners.  The award reflects a perfect inspection score of 100% for Housekeeping as well as meeting all other hotel inspection standards as scored by PRP auditors. 

Speakers were energetic, informative, and their messages were inspiring.  Conferees received some information that was new, as well as validation of what has always been true for SSLA.

 Here are our take-away notes of the ‘new and true’ for SSL: [click to continue…]

Hotel Return on Investment

March 19, 2012

The Return on Investment is the Return of the Guest  The Superior Small Lodging (SSL) program, launched inFort Lauderdale, Florida some 20 years ago was a natural extension of a concern that small lodgings would see a decline in business when the city decided to shed its image as a haven for Spring Break party-seekers.  […]

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Spring Break Yields Quality Lodging Program

March 12, 2012

Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) had to do something for the ‘Mom and Pop’ small hotels, lodgings, and bed & breakfasts, when they clamped down on “Spring Break”.  The county was going through a transition period wherein Spring Break, signaled by the arrival of 300,000 to over 400,000 college students in February and March, was no longer promoted.  […]

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Press Release: Five Inns Rated As “Outstanding” in Audit

March 5, 2012

  StAugNews St Augustine Florida News ST.  AUGUSTINE INNS RECEIVE TOP HOUSEKEEPING RATINGS  ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (March 5) – Five St. Augustine inns have received the Donal A. Dermody White Glove Award in recognition of their outstanding performance in housekeeping.  The awards were presented as a result of an annual quality-assurance audit performed by The […]

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Risk Management and Costa Concordia – Lessons Learned

January 28, 2012

The immediate objective of risk management is early identification of risks and preparing risk mitigation plans towards the achievement of business objectives – from short-term and long-term standpoints. New requirements and associated risks could emanate from the regulatory or business environment, strategic business choices, or internal corporate cultural factors. Risk Management came to the US […]

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Cruise Ship Mystery Shopping – Why?

January 27, 2012

Mystery Shopping, as a formal appraisal process, has its origins in the hotel industry. Today, it is used by the best hospitality organizations and world-class service providers, and is applicable to cruise ship mystery shopping.  With its foundation in revenue management, Mystery Shopping is an analysis tool that processes, interprets, and internalizes guest expectations and satisfaction – […]

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Condo Hotel quality standards and ratings

January 27, 2012

A vacation in someone’s condo hotel can be risky business for both the guest and the Condo Hotel’s bottom line.  Management companies lacking quality standards and strict supervision of housekeeping, furnishing, and grounds maintenance create lasting negative memories with guests.  Real estate companies initially sell a top-shelf condominium hotel product of a stunningly decorated unit with fabulous views, […]

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Decorating tips to attract and retain lodging guests

January 27, 2012

When decorating and furnishing lodging facilities, both hotel and cruise, the needs and demands of the modern guest are of the utmost importance.   The first things to consider are: Cheerful colors Quality beds and bedding Comfortable seating Good lighting Your investment in these items should come after careful consideration regarding quality, durability, functionality, serviceability, and […]

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Setting, meeting, or exceeding hotel and cruise expectations!

January 20, 2012

Hotel and cruise websites can and do set guest expectations regarding comfort, quality, and a certain level of amenities. In a recent stay at a boutique lodging, our hotel expectations were not met, largely the result of in-suite amenities promised, but not provided. Those promised amenities were clearly identified on the website as well as discussed with front desk personnel before […]

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